Code Enforcement

Our Mission

Jackson County Code Enforcement, as a division within Public Development, works to protect and promote public health, enhance safety, and elevate the overall quality of life and aesthetics of communities in the unincorporated areas of Jackson County. This is achieved through the diligent enforcement of the codes and ordinances set forth by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. 

Please be aware that Code Enforcement does not handle concerns related to HOA covenants, by-laws, or civil disputes, such as property line disputes or property damage.

Please direct any matters related to criminal offenses, such as speeding, drug-related issues, harassment, etc., to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Reporting Violations

To report any potential violations in the unincorporated regions of Jackson County, please dial 706-367-8935 or send an email to If you are uncertain whether your complaint pertains to a city or falls within the unincorporated county, you can refer to the Interactive Jackson County Basemap for clarification.

If you are having difficulty loading the interactive map please view the Jackson County Basemap (PDF).