Seventh Ambulance

In an effort to better meet the growing needs for service in Jackson County, a seventh ambulance was approved by the Board of Commissioners and placed in service in 2014. Currently, Med 7 is staffed 12 hours a day and is located in Jefferson.

Having the seventh truck decreases response times in the busier areas of the county. Before Med 7, Med 2, located in Jefferson was the busiest truck in the service. When Med 2 was out on a call, trucks from outlying areas would have to respond to Jefferson for calls. These trucks coming from outlying areas increased response times for those trucks. Having both trucks in Jefferson decreases the need for an ambulance to respond as often from the stations in the outlying areas of the county in to Jefferson. This keeps those trucks closer to their zone and it helps to limit the response times to the Jefferson area, as it is typically the busiest area of the county.