Below are the forms you need depending on what your request is. The forms can be emailed to or delivered in person to the Jackson County GIS Department at 67 Athens St - Jefferson, GA 30549. Questions can be directed to OR 706-367-8914.


  • Address Verification Form - PDF - If you need to have an address verified in writing you will have to fill out this form and send it to or deliver it in person. Staff will not provide address verification in writing unless this form is filled out.
  • New Address Request -  PDF - If you need to request a new address you will need to fill out this form and send it to or deliver it in person. Once staff confirms receiving your application, reviews the application, and has the information they need, you will be sent instructions on how to pay the addressing fee. Staff will not begin working on your request until all fees have been paid. To understand the workflow of obtaining an address click here or see graphic below.

    Addressing Fees

    $25 For EACH Traditional Single Family Residential Home Address
    $30 for Each Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Tenant Addresses PER Unit/AND or Future Sub-divisible Tenant Space
    $30 For Each Accessory Structure, Infrastructure, and or Meter Addresses

    Subdivision Addressing Info

    If the request is for a subdivision please see the checklist for subdivisions in the application. 

     Please note staff will not address subdivisions based off of preliminary plats. We ask that you do not turn in for addressing on subdivisions until you are several weeks from turning in for your final plat and there will be no more changes to lots or anything else. Road names can be reserved for subdivisions up to two years ahead of development.

Road Naming


Official Documents

  • The Addressing and Roads Ordinance - PDF - This is the official ordinance passed by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners on December 18th, 2017.
  • The Official Road Book of Jackson County, Georgia - PDF - This is the official Road Book of Jackson County, Georgia as mentioned in our Addressing and Road Ordinance. This document contains every road name already in use and road names that are currently reserved. It is updated periodically to reflect new additions of roads.