Keep Jackson County Beautiful

Our Mission

Keep Jackson County Beautiful (KJCB) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, offering community support and education regarding environmental issues that affect the health and appearance of our county, to build a more environmentally resilient community. KJCB is a local affiliate of the national Keep America Beautiful program and the state’s Keep Georgia Beautiful program. Our office is part of the Jackson County Public Development Department.

Our programs encompass actions to promote litter prevention, waste reduction and beautification of the roadways, greenspaces and waterways in the county through:

  • Partnerships help build and sustain networking of community alliances essential to achieve long-term community improvements through meeting mutual goals.
  • Education provides a means to understand what we can do to create an environmentally resilient community by encouraging positive behaviors and daily actions.
  • Accountability means individuals taking responsibility for improving the environment through positive behaviors and daily actions every day. These actions create visibility which can influence change in others to action and make a difference.
  • Communication provides visibility of the positive behaviors and daily actions our citizens and businesses are taking to create an environmentally resilient community.
  • Engagement/Action means engaging volunteers, donors and sponsors to turn education and knowledge into visible results.