Environmental Education

Environmental Education, a learning process which increases students, teachers and the citizenry's awareness and knowledge about the environment. This is the mainstay of Keep Jackson County Beautiful. It's not just something that takes place in the schools, it depends on neighbors educating neighbors and parents educating children about good environmental practices and we're here to lead that educational process.
Keep Jackson County Beautiful

Green Movement

In today's Green Movement, litter reduction, water conservation and rain barrel workshops, beautification with more plants and trees, organic gardening and composting, waste reduction by recycling and precycling, alternative fuels and any other aspect of taking care of the environment is something we find Jackson Countians continually ask, "how can we help?"

Just place a call to Keep Jackson County Beautiful and keep up with the website where we will be placing a Resource Library that includes books, lesson plans and lessons on the Enviroscape that correlate with Georgia curriculum standards.


KJCB has acquired two Enviroscapes for teachers to check out and use in the classroom. The first Enviroscape we offer is Water Pollution: It Begins With You. This is an exciting hands-on learning tool for teachers and their students to examine Water Pollution through Nonpoint Source Pollution and how to Prevent that Water Pollution by setting up different settings (a farm, industrial area, neighborhood, golf course) and investigating how the different chemicals from these areas enter our natural water stream.

The second Enviroscape is a Waste Management Module, designed to demonstrate an active modern landfill cell and an old style dump. The general layout shows a modern landfill operation and local community reliance on clean groundwater supplies. Options for recycling are also included.

Useful Documents

Please view the following three documents:

  • Introduction to Enviroscape
  • Enviroscape and Georgia Education Standards
  • Enviroscape Preparation for Classrooms

Check Out Modules

The modules correlate with kindergarten, fourth and fifth, eighth and ninth through 12th grades. Call Susan Trepagnier at 706-708-7198 to check these modules out for your classroom. They can be delivered to you with a week's notice.

Science Fair Involvement

KJCB has a number of curriculums for teachers, parents and their students to help with Science Fair projects and classroom lessons. If you have certain interests or needs, please contact KJCB and we'll see how we can help.

Mission of the Program

Part of Keep Jackson County Beautiful's mission is education - we want to meet with homeowners associations and civic groups to talk about KJCB, litter reduction and the Adopt-A-Highway program and Adopt-A-Development program, recycling and more than anything, how to get involved in volunteering with KJCB.

Butterfly Release

First Grade teacher Jessica Ferguson sent in pictures of butterfly release from Jefferson Elementary. KJCB supplied the caterpillars and students watched as caterpillars turned into pupa stage and then hatched into butterflies.
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