Drug Disposal

How to Dispose of Drugs

Keep Jackson County Beautiful holds Fall and Spring Recycling Days. A Jackson County Deputy is on hand to accept expired and unused drugs at that time.Volunteers will ask citizens to hand the drugs to the deputy. It is not legal for volunteers to touch a citizen's drugs.
There are time when it may not be possible to attend a disposal day or a location may not be available.
Please follow these guidelines when disposing pharmaceuticals at home:
  1. Keep the medication in the original container and remove the label or mark your name and personal information off.
  2. Add water or soda to dissolve solid pills or open capsules to empty content.
  3. Add something inedible but binding such as kitty litter, used kitty litter, sand or dirt to liquid medication. It would not hurt to do this to pills or open capsules.You want to make these drugs unappetizing to others. 
  4. Close the lid and secure with duct or packing tape. You want to make sure nothing (animals or humans) cannot get into the drugs and take them by mistake. It's dangerous for animals to get into "people drugs." 
  5. Place drug bottles or sharps inside an opaque container - coffee can or plastic laundry bottle and the tape the container closed. Then place it in the trash.
Do not place it in recycling or with any food that could be scavenged by humans or animals.

Drug Collection Containers are located in the Jackson County Jail Lobby and at the Commerce City Police Department.