Board of Adjustments


  • The 1st Thursday of the month
  • Click here for the 2020 Schedule (PDF)
  • County Administration Building
    Administrative Auditorium
    67 Athens Street
    Jefferson, GA 30549


  • Joe Holt - Chairman
  • Shirley Turner - Vice-Chair
  • Mark Palmer
  • James Scott
  • Steve Wittry


The Board of Adjustments was created by the Board of Commissioners to address unusual situations or unique problems that may arise from the strict interpretation or enforcement of the Unified Development Code (UDC), including appeals from an administrative decision, for a special exception, for unique hardships restricting reasonable use of a property, and for relief from flood damage prevention restrictions.

Circumstances for Appeal

Under Section 1301 of the UDC persons may appeal to the Board of Adjustments for relief under the following circumstances:
  1. When aggrieved by an action or an interpretation of the Public Development Director or any other administrative official of the County made under this Unified Development Code.
  2. When an exception is desired for a particular property from certain requirements of this Development Code, as specified in this Article.
  3. When compliance with the requirements of this Development Code would create a particular and unique hardship.
  4. When the requirements for flood damage prevention would create an exception hardship or adversely affect an historic structure.

Special Exception Variances

Special Exception Variances shall be limited to relief from the following requirements of this Development Code:
  1. Minimum building setbacks
  2. Maximum building height
  3. Minimum lot width
  4. Minimum separation between agricultural and residential uses
  5. Public street frontage
  6. Buffers and screening
  7. Signage, in accordance with uniform sign plan
  8. Minimum or maximum parking requirements