Can you tell me in advance how much my load will cost?

Yes and no. If you have a small number of bags or furniture items, we can tell you the charge per bag or item. If you have a larger load which must be weighed, the charge will be based on how much weight you bring in, therefore we have to wait until you weigh out to calculate your charges. Our rate is $65 per ton, prorated. For example: If you bring in a larger load, we will enter your vehicle weight into the computer. You will then go to the transfer station and unload. When you come back on the scale, we will enter your empty weight into the computer and your charges will be calculated based on the difference. Sample calculation: Weight in: 8460 lbs Weight out: 7120 lbs Net weight: 1340 lbs 1340 divided by 2000 (1 ton) = .67 tons .67 X $65.00 = $43.55. You would owe $43.55 for 1340 lbs of garbage.

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6. Can you tell me in advance how much my load will cost?
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