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Correctional Institute

Jackson County Correctional Institution

  Johnny Weaver, Warden

Terry Shadburn, Deputy Warden

265 I.W. Davis Road


Jefferson, Ga. 30549

Ph:  706-387-6450  

Fax: 706-387-6462

Mission Statement

The Jackson County Correctional Institution exists primarily to assist local departments and agencies in meeting their needs for a workforce by providing that workforce at a significant savings using inmate labor. The facility will aid and assist those inmates who show a desire and interest in self-improvement. This will be accomplished by allowing selected inmates to participate in educational, religious, mental health, substance abuse and employment counseling.

The Jackson County Correctional Institute will protect all persons who enter the facility. A safe, secure and orderly environment for all users, staff, inmates and visitors will be achieved to assure they are not subjected to physical, emotional, or psychological abuse and to minimize personal danger while in the facility. Inmate disciplinary and grievance procedures shall be followed to maintain order and resolution of grievances. Our existence is dependant on our ability to meet those needs and our ability to fulfill an obligation to the Department of Corrections by providing safe and secure housing for inmates and complying with applicable policies.


  • Score 100 percent on all Georgia Department of Corrections, and Federal audits.

    Schedule regular meetings to discuss inmate labor with departments.

    Request routine reports of inmate detail performance.

    Schedule mandatory in-service training for all personnel supervising inmates.

    Test five percent of the inmate population for alcohol and drugs monthly.

    Schedule mandatory in-service training for all Correctional Officers each year.

    Request skilled inmates regularly from the Georgia Department of Corrections.

    Transfer in a timely manner any inmate with disabling medical problems.

    Select inmates for details consistent with the duties of the detail assignment.

    Score 98 percent or better on all kitchen inspections.

    Increase in-house inspection of kitchen areas.

    Increase inmate accountability for food handling.

    Increase staff accountability for meal counts.

    Search all inmate lockers at least once each month.

    Increase training of officers and other personnel in contraband inspections.

    Follow all Georgia Department of Corrections regulations governing details.

    Inspect all inmate details weekly for security breaches.

    Increase incident reporting to provide a baseline for inmate behavior on details.

    Increase incident reporting to provide a baseline for inmate behavior in dormitories.

    Inspect all dormitories on a daily basis.

    Decrease employee turnover by assuring better working environment to staff, therefore decreasing the cost to county of advertisement, background checks, and other expenditures related to hiring new employees.

    Reduce contraband by strip searching inmates in the units provided outside the facility.

  • Require all inmates to aquire their G.E.D. if needed while assigned to this facility, and build a resume utilizing our career center.

Last updated: 5/3/2016 4:01:00 PM