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Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court of Jackson County is one of the Juvenile Courts of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit. The Honorable Kevin J. Guidry serves as Judge of the Juvenile Courts of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit. His chambers are located in the Jackson County Courthouse.

Mailing address:      Hon. Kevin J. Guidry
                           Juvenile Courts, Piedmont Judicial Circuit
                           5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 210
                           Jefferson GA 30549

The mission of the Juvenile Court is to secure for each child who comes within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court such care and guidance, preferably in his or her own home, as will secure his or her moral, emotional, mental, and physical welfare as well as the safety of both the child and community. It is the intent of the Court to promote a juvenile justice system that will protect the community, impose accountability for violations of law, provide treatment and rehabilitation, and equip juvenile offenders with the ability to live responsibly and productively. It is the intent of the Court to preserve and strengthen family relationships, countenancing the removal of a child from his or her home only when state intervention is essential to protect such child and enable him or her to live in security and stability. In every proceeding, the Court seeks to guarantee due process of law, as required by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Georgia, through which every child and his or her parent and all other interested parties are assured fair hearings at which legal rights are recognized and enforced. Above all, the Court liberally construes the Juvenile Code of Georgia in the spirit of the paramount child welfare policy of this state, which is to determine and ensure the best interests of its children. O.C.G.A. § 15-11-1.

The Juvenile Courts of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit serves a variety of functions in the community.

1. Provides the forum for adjudication of delinquency and children in need of services cases. The Court also hears child dependency (abuse and neglect) cases as well as those child custody cases transferred from Superior Court and Probate Court.
2. Working in conjunction with local intake officers of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), provides information to citizens regarding delinquency issues and makes referrals to other agencies when appropriate.
3. Processes juvenile traffic cases.
4. Coordinates citizen panel reviews for children in the State foster care system.
5. Collaborate with DJJ and the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Family and Children Services to support programs that benefit at risk children residing in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit.

Last updated: 8/20/2014 10:04:48 AM