Freightliner Ambulances

In May of 2006, Jackson County EMS began utilizing ambulances on a Freightliner chassis. Seeking a larger, stronger, more reliable ambulance, it was decided that a commercial type ambulance was best for our service. The first three Freightliner ambulances went into service in Commerce, Jefferson and Braselton. Today, all of the six front-line ambulances operated by Jackson County are Freightliners. Jackson County was the first service in Region 10 operating with a full fleet of the larger, commercial chassis ambulances. We also currently operate two reserve ambulances that are on a Freightliner chassis.

Providing more space, a better service record, and an extended service life were the driving factors in the decision process to use this type of ambulance. Ambulances and crews are now able to carry more specialized equipment and in certain situations extra personnel to care for our patients.
Freightliner Emblem
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