CPR Classes for High School Students

Beginning in 2010, Jackson County EMS Employees began teaching CPR classes for 9th grade students in some of the county and city high schools. This program began in an effort to increase bystander initiated CPR throughout our community, basically meaning, having CPR began before the arrival of EMS and rescue personnel.

The more individuals that are trained in the recognition of, and that are able to respond to sudden cardiac events that occur within our community, the greater the likelihood that immediate CPR can begin on a person suffering cardiac arrest, providing that victim the potential for a better chance of survival. In bringing these classes to our high school students, we hope to increase the chances of survival to those in our community that suffer cardiac arrest.

Program Expansion

Since beginning this program in the schools, Jackson County EMS employees have expanded the scope of students receiving this training to many school employees, organizations and businesses throughout the county. The more individuals trained to provide CPR, the better chances our fellow citizens have should they experience a sudden cardiac event in or around Jackson County.

If you are interested in learning more about CPR or if you would like to be trained in CPR, please contact us at 706-367-5202.