• Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction of the probate of wills and administration of estates in the State of Georgia.
  • There are numerous types of proceedings that can be filed following the death of a Georgia resident or a non-resident owning property in the State of Georgia.
  • Only an attorney can legally advise persons regarding decedent’s estates.
  • Probate Court staff can only answer basic, procedural questions.
  • Many standard forms exist online for estate matters, and are also available in the Probate Court office.
  • Additional information on the Petitions currently offered at Probate Court.
  •  Contact the Probate Court for applicable filing fees and costs for decedent’s estate proceedings.

Annual Reports:

  • If you are not relieved from filing annual returns, you MUST file an Inventory within six months of the appointment date and an annual return every year on the date of the appointment.
  • Inventory is due within six months of the date of the appointment. 
  • Click here for the Inventory. 
  • The annual return will be due every year on the date of the appointment.
  • Click here for the annual return.

Filing fees are due at the time of filing. No exceptions. We will not file-stamp originals or copies without payment.