Solicitor's Office

The Jackson County Solicitor of State Court prosecutes misdemeanor offenses (punishment by incarceration for 12 months or less) and traffic violations in the State Court of Jackson County.

The Victim's Assistance Office is an invaluable asset to both the victims of misdemeanor crimes and to the Solicitor's Office. The Victim's Assistance Office counsels with victims of domestic violence, victims of car wrecks, victims of theft and other victims whose problems arise from misdemeanor cases in the State Court. All offices of the Solicitor and the Victim's Assistance Office are located in the New County Courthouse.


The central mission of the Office of Solicitor is to ensure that justice is done. To that end, this office investigates the misdemeanor cases that are brought to the sheriff's department for prosecution. The purpose of the investigation of these cases is to ensure that those who are not responsible are not held responsible, and that those who are responsible are properly and appropriately prosecuted.