Georgia Appraisal Procedures Manual

Rules & Regulations

Chapter 560-11-10, Appraisal Procedures Manual
560-11-10-.01 - 560-11-10-.10
560-11-10-.01 Purpose and Scope.
  1. Purpose
    This appraisal procedures manual has been developed in accordance with Code section 48-5-269.1 which directs the Revenue Commissioner to adopt by rule, subject to Chapter 13 of Title 50, the "Georgia Administrative Procedure Act," and maintain an appropriate procedural manual for use by the county property appraisal staff in appraising tangible real and personal property for ad valorem tax purposes.
  2. Specific procedures
    In order to facilitate the mass appraisal process, specific procedures are provided within this Chapter which are designed to arrive at a basic appraisal value of real and personal property. These specific procedures are designed to provide fair market value under normal circumstances. When unusual circumstances are affecting value, they should be considered. In all instances, the appraisal staff will apply Georgia law and generally accepted appraisal practices to the basic appraisal values required by this manual and make any further valuation adjustments necessary to arrive at the fair market values.
  3. Board of Assessors
    The county board of assessors shall require the appraisal staff to observe the procedures in this manual when performing their appraisals. The county board of assessors may not adopt local procedures that are in conflict with Georgia law or the procedures required by this manual. The county board of assessors must consider the appraisal staff information in the performance of their duties. In each instance, however, the assessment placed on each parcel of property shall be the assessment established by the county board of assessors as provided in Code section 48-5-306.
  4. Other appraisal procedures
    The appraisal staff may use those generally accepted appraisal practices set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, published by the Appraisal Foundation, and the standards published by the International Association of Assessing Officers, as they may be amended from time to time, to the extent such practices do not conflict with this manual and Georgia law.