Jury Duty

Jury trials are a hallmark of the American legal system. Each day around the state, trial courts require hundreds of ordinary citizens to report to the courthouse for jury duty. Both a right and responsibility, service as a juror places the individual citizen in a central role in the justice system.


 Jackson County pays you $25.00 for each day that you serve.

 Attire for Jury Duty

Dress can be casual, but needs to be respectful of the Court.  Please do not wear shorts, halter or tank tops, clothing that exposes the midriff, beachwear, pajamas or clothing with inappropriate graphics, logos or words.

 You may be exempted from jury service if you are: 

  • 70 years of age or older
  • Have a permanent mental or physical disability (Doctor's Excuse Required)
  • Are NOT a resident of Jackson County (Proof Required) 
  • Are NOT a United States citizen
  • A convicted felon whose rights have not been restored

In order to exempted from jury service, you must fill out an affidavit and email, fax or mail it to our office.  Click on the link below for access to this affidavit.  
Jury Affidavit 

You may be eligible to have your service excused or deferred if you are:

  • The sole caregiver of a child six years of age or younger
  • The sole caregiver of a person over six years of age who is permanently disabled
  • A full-time student (Must show proof of class schedule)
  • An active service member of the military
  • A home study program teacher (Must show proof of certificate from the state)

In order to be excused or deferred, or you have any other questions or concerns, you must call one of our jury clerks at the numbers provided on this page.  Please contact us as early as you can after you receive your jury summons for anything that may not allow you to serve.

If you were given a jury questionnaire and have lost or misplaced it, please see the link below to fill out a new one.  These can be mailed or emailed to our office before your selected jury date.

Jury Questionnaire

To make sure you are still needed for your selected jury date, please call the Jury Message Line at 706-387-6271 on the Sunday evening before your service, and pay careful attention to the dates listed on the message.  If your date is not listed, that means we are still waiting to update the message and to please call back again later.

Thank you for your service to Jackson County!

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