Address Entry Signs

The JaHorizontal_Day_CROPPED-LOWckson County GIS and Public Development departments are pleased to offer you address entry signs to purchase. The purpose of this program is to help public safety find you easier in the event of an emergency and make the entryway that leads to your addressed structure much more visible.

How Do I Order and What Do I Need to Know?

  • The signs can either be ordered in person at the Jackson County Public Development office at 67 Athens St - Jefferson, GA 30549 OR they can also be ordered online at the link below.
  • If you want to order in person you can fill out this form ahead of time and bring it in.
  • The signs are made by one of our county vendors, Applied Images, Inc. The website link below will take you to a website that Applied Images has setup for taking orders and payments.  If you order online you will receive a confirmation to your email and a receipt.
  • The signs cost $35 and come fully assembled. (Price went up August 2022 Due to cost increases)
  • The signs should be ready in about 3 weeks for you to pickup after ordering. Staff will notify you when they are ready and you can pick them up at the Jackson County Public Development office.

Address Entry Sign Online
Ordering Website Link

**Please note this will take you to our vendor's website


Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the Size of the Signs? The sign blank is 18 x 6 inches with 4 inch lettering. The stand is around 36 inches tall. When driven into the ground only 24 inches of the stand Horizontal_Night_CROPPEDshould be above ground.
  • Is the Lettering on Both Sides? Yes the lettering is on both sides of the sign.
  • What Side of the Road Should My Sign Be Placed On? The signs should ALWAYS be placed on the side of the road your structure is on NOT the opposite side. What happens is people often have a mailbox on the opposite side of their road from their entrance driveway and place it there. This often creates confusion and can lead to delay in public safety response, especially in an area that has several driveways off of a public road.
  • Do you have to buy a Sign From Jackson County? No you do not. You can buy one from another vendor or online if you like. Our purpose is to provide an easy and uniform system for people within the county to order and have a uniform sign but also to educate you on the importance of having your structure properly addressed.
  • What if I have multiple Signs I Want on One Post? You can but it would probably be easiest to order in person at the public development office.
  • What is the difference between the horizontal and vertical signs? Besides obviously looking different we often see people use the vertical signs in conjunction with mailboxes. The vertical signs are installed usually directly touching on the front side of a mailbox post.
  • Do I have to pay for the signs up front? Yes, the signs must be paid for before ordering.
  • Will my homeowner's association allow these signs? Some homeowners associations may not allow these signs. It is up to you to verify this before you order the sign. We can not issue a refund if your homeowner's association will not allow them.
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